Proud to Be a Woman-Owned Plumbing Company

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Before you hire Mustang Plumbing for your plumbing project, take a moment to learn a little more about us. In July 2017, right before her 25th birthday, our owner founded the only woman-owned plumbing business in Andrews, TX.

Over time, her dedication to her business, employees and customers, along with a strong work ethic, helped her become the number one result on Google for local plumbing services. With over 30 years of combined experience, you can count on our plumbers to complete almost any plumbing task.

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Helping local clients one pipe, water heater or drain at a time

You may be wondering, "why plumbing?" For starters, plumbing plays a huge role in our economy's health. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. could save over $17 billion annually if every American household did their part to conserve water. We do our part to achieve our country's water sustainability goals by maintaining our clients' plumbing systems.

We also love helping the members of our small community with their plumbing needs. The best part of our day is seeing a smile on our clients' faces after their plumbing system is fixed. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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One thing I would like to add on there is that every month we give back to our community by doing free work to a family in need. Recently our focus has been helping the elderly. 95% of the time the elderly have no family in town or nearby. Their children have moved on to other cities and if it weren't for a provider or housekeeper checking in on them daily they wouldn't have help even making the phone call sometimes because they cant see the phone numbers on the house phone or read a phone book due to eyesight. We get many calls from Caregivers and housekeepers requesting work to be done for our senior community and often times these seniors live on a very tight budget. My priority and goal is ensuring any family with children or seniors is not going without proper plumbing due to plumbing costs. We would like to spread the word that myself and every employee at Mustang Plumbing cares about our community and love the opportunity to help those in dire need, free of charge and we do a free job at least once a month. We pick our slow days to fit these jobs in and it keeps our team busy and happy that we are able to help.